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The main intention of the site is to try and attempt to create a focal point for all things concerning MMDVM.
Due to the vastness of information that is available on the WWW it would be near on impossible to cover every last bit of information that’s out there, the intention here is to gather the main pieces of the puzzle together, so as to help any person that’s new to the world of MMDVM and a reference point for those us that may need a reminder.
This site is continually being added to so please check back regularly.
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MMDVM is intended to be an Open Source Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem project, which takes advantage of the power of a processor supporting ARM architecture and additional analogue interface circuitry.
MMDVM software is a fabulous development realised┬áby Jonathan Naylor G4KLX, which makes it possible to create a multi-mode┬ádigital amateur radio repeater or personal hotspot. It operates within the digital voice modes of DSTAR, DMR, C4FM, P25,NXDN and YSF2DMR. The MMDVM modem board is the interface that provides the filtering between the node radio and Jonathan’s software.

Initially aimed at the Arduino Due the project now supports additional hardware like the Teensy and STM32 micro controllers which utilises their raw interrupts and onboard ADC and DAC ports as well as digital signalling ports.
The Raspberry Pi and similar single board computers are not being targeted as access to the raw I/O is mediated by the operating system kernel and does not provide the performance requirements. However such boards are very useful for hosting the interface to the modem and external networks such as ircDDB in the case of D-Star and YSF reflector in the case of C4FM.