Here are a few links to help you obtain the required files, and some brief instructions on how to implement them.
Please note: Most of the files are stored on a external server to this site, this is in an attempt to try and keep the load on this server to a minimum. offer 50gb of storage for free, so it is well worth a look.


Nucleo USB Driver, once installed, will allow the Nucleo to be seen as a drive within Windows Explorer. It’s then a simple matter of drag and dropping the compiled bin file to the Nucleo to install / update the firmware.
Nucleo USB Driver


This is an instruction on how to compile the files required.


This is a good site for instructions on how to install for the STM32F466


G4KLX Github

This is a link to Jonathan’s Github, without which, none of this would have been possible.
Here you will find all the files required for MMDVM Host etc. contains Windows executables for the MMDVMHost and MMDVMCal software.
These files are not intended for full time use but rather a quick resource for setting up and testing.
A read-me file on how to use this will be published shortly.
Written by Andrew Green, M1AEG.
MMDVM4Win Instruction.pdf (Work in Progress)


MMDVM Raspberry Pi Install Guide Pdf

Preparing Raspberry Pi to run the MMDVM host application Guide
Written by: Chris Andrist, KC7WSU
Raspberry Pi Install Guide Pdf


Pi-Star is a very good front end for MMDVM Host.
It runs on a Raspberry Pi and is a web page based control panel for MMDVM Host.
Whilst it is a very nice piece of php programming, it is a shame that they haven’t credited G4KLX for the MMDVM program that Pi-Star is based on.
It is, however, very handy to get you up and running quickly
You can download the Pi-Star Raspberry Pi image from here.